“Try Before You Buy” options.

Visualizing a piece of art on a wall is quite simple.
You have iPhone/iPad?
Requires downloading and installing a nifty app, Wallary. It uses augmented reality to visualize the art on your wall in real-time. You can upload the painting photo and Wallary will prompt you to scan your room. And that’s it! You can move your camera around to see the painting from different angles, and your iPhone or iPad screen will display your room as if it already has the art hanging on the wall.
You'd rather do it online?
No download needed. Just open WallApp in any browser, click the icon indicated by the red arrow on the diagram below and you’re good to go. Totally free. Please upload a photo of your room and a photo of the artwork to display. WallApp enables you to try the painting of your walls. You can move the art piece around and see exactly how it’ll look in your home. Just be careful scaling the art properly to dimensions.
If you require help visualizing any of the painting on your walls (as well as the walls of your close ones), I am here to help. All I need is the photo of the wall and measuring marks (can be done with a tape measure) to get the scaling right.